Memorial Tree

Memorial Tree Program

A tree is a recognized symbol of nature’s strength, beauty and endurance. The City of Brooksville is pleased to announce a Memorial Tree Program that provides you with a way to pay tribute to a loved one, mark an anniversary, commemorate a special occasion or celebrate a significant achievement.


  • Benefactor selects a tree type, size and venue. 
  • Memorial Tree and plaque will be installed by Parks & Recreation staff.
  • Plaque wording subject to the approval of the Parks & Recreation Director.


  • Tom Varn Park
  • Jerome Brown Community Center
  • Brooksville Cementery
  • Russell Street Park

Collection of Trees

  • Elm
  • Live Oak
  • Magnolia
  • Red Maple 


  • 15-gallon tree & plaque- $200.00
  • 30-gallon tree & plaque- $400.00


Memorial Tree Program
Application Form